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When You're Overwhelmed, Low, Tight, Anxious, Tense, Can't Relax, and Nothing's Working...

Is Your Stress Load Shackling You?
  • You can't find time, space or the will to relax
  • Calm is beyond you
  • Pressure is closing in.
  • Your body is tense.
  • Your mind is confused with overthinking. Your heart is racingbelly churning with uncomfortable emotions dragging you down.  
Sound familiar?
Feeling & Your Mind

If only you could:-

  • Overcome mental obstacles, limiting beliefs and self-doubt holding you back.
  • Access daily states of self-supporting inner peace, healing feelings and calmness on demand.
  • Find simple, even instant, calmly-focused ways to thrive with mental and emotional resiliency.   

You're here for a reason...

How To Find Your Big Calm and Thrive

Imagine your life with Revitalising Calm, Coherence & Resiliency.

We serve you best with Online & Video Classes, Courses & Content in:- 

  • Mindful Movement Meditations,
  • Transformative Embodiment Practices 
  • Self-Energy Healing to lift your life, heart, mind & body. 
  • Welcome to a whole new way of Wellbeing.

Why find your BiG Calmer?

Instant Freedom

Imagine feeling relief, peace of mind and emotional stability from a calmer, soothed, relaxed state of being. 

You can breathe easier.

Access inner resources.

Be present in every moment.

Fully Feeling Is Healing

Feelings have their own healing power.  Release limitless healing energy that massages your organs, muscles, bones and subtle life systems.

Marvel as your muscles, ligaments and joints free-up and energise, moving with ease, strength and flow.

Clarity and Coherence

Calm brings mental clarity and heart-brain coherence.

Merge your conscious and intuitive intelligences into an empowered state of thriving wholeness.

With our help you really can  

lift your life, heart, mind & body to 

a whole new way of Wellbeing.

Real people.

Real stories.

Sally S

Community EMpowerment Worker

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the classes are changing my life. The daily Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga is releasing energy blocks for me in a way that means I am doing more with my life now that I have much more physical energy and the enthusiasm to do it. And i am feeling more joy in my life, noticing more of the wonder around me. the classes have awoken me from my inertia, such a fabulous gift.” Thank you. ♡

Rachel L

business owner and mum

Within just a few weeks I was really starting to see massive benefits. The slow pace of the movement allows you to feel and understand the body, to listen to what it needs. I realised just how detached from my body I had become. Releasing the holding onto injury and emotional blockages I could actually connect and heal. Some of the classes were mind blowing – floods of tears, relief, relaxation, releasing and a re- building with strength and vitality from harnessing the energy that flows within us all.

Clare D

Languages Teacher and mum

Both Paula and Craig are amazing teachers - they complement each other very well.

The Energy Medicine Pilates classes are a wealth of empowering information and simple tips that are so easy to integrate into my daily life.

Diana C


Just ten weeks ago I was seriously ill in hospital. I've been taking Paula’s Mindful Functional Pilates classes for the last month and have noticed a significant improvement in my core strength and balance as a direct result. Paula’s classes have certainly contributed to my full recovery, and that’s all the more remarkable because I live the other side of the world in Victoria, Western Canada and am only able to attend online!

Teachers - Combined 70+ Years Experience

We are professional, well-qualified and extensively experienced teachers [that's not another phrase for 'old' - we've just done a lot!]

You are in safe hands from the get-go.

Online Classes

Join online from the comfort of your own home

Full Access Video Class Library

Access video classes wherever you are, on your phone, tablet or desktop - instantly

Work and Grow with Feelings Experts.

Let the feeling do the healing. Whatever your 'IT,' with gentle guidance you can safely feel it and start to heal it.

Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga - The Origin of Mindfulness & Wellbeing

Mindful Movement Meditation - A whole self-healing, stress reduction and meditation system, over 2,500 years old. Accessible to any age or stage. Learn and apply this practice with a light heart, to help you relax beyond anything you've known, and experience your own self-actualisation. 

Energy Medicine Pilates - Ancient Origins, Modern Modalities

A unique practice combining Energy Medicine Techniques and Functional Mat-Based, Home and Workspace-based Pilates. Ancient and modern proven methods to help relieve aches, pains and holding back. It's your time to revitalise and thrive.

EFT-Tapping Emotional Freedom Techniques

Release limiting beliefs, painful memories, traumatic issues, pains, fears, phobias and more. Rewrite your painful past and create your magnificent future. Safe, gentle and very powerful.

Mindful Functional Pilates

Pilates with a focused difference that you can implement to positively impact your body, mind and daily life. 

Kinesiology Self Muscle-Testing for Anything

Learn to self muscle-test and help yourself to prioritise all that supports your wellbeing in any area of life.

Founders Paula and Craig Trafford are well-qualified and extensively experienced in Wellbeing modalities. Hosting classes and therapy practices for a combined 70+ years brings great challenges and rewards.  

As teachers, business owners and parents of 3 very high-energy (now grown) kids you'll know the everyday challenges that require your instant calm, full presence and inner resourcefulness to skilfully navigate personal and professional obstacles. 

We love helping you if you feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and emotionally or energetically-drained, or simply want compassionate mentoring. 

With our Revitalising Calm content and our Empowering Resilience classes showing you a whole new way of Wellbeing, you're ready and resourced to meet life with coherence, clarity and confidence.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a BiG Calmer?

Any calming content here that generates a BiG benefit to your Being by helping you to switch down your Stress Response (Fight/Flight/Freeze) and quickly activate your Relaxation Response.

Are These Proven Practices Easy to Learn and Do?

Yes. You can learn and implement an Instant Calmer within minutes into any life circumstance you choose. Add any elements of our life-lifting content to your daily routine anytime you decide. It's always your choice.

Are There Any Side Effects to Becoming Calmer?

Happily, yes. Your heart rate slows, your blood pressure reduces, digestion and breathing improve, muscles relax, aches, pains, troubling emotions and recurring concerns all soften their grip. There are lots more too - come and discover them with us.

What Happens After I Claim My 3 Free Classes?

You'll receive your claim code via email and you can try out any 3 of our video classes. Even if you can't make it due to time difference or other constraints, you can access any of our video classes straightaway.

Guarantee - Can I Easily Cancel Anytime?

Certainly. If you join our BiG Calmer membership at any point you can easily cancel anytime at the click of a button or through our email support - with no questions asked. 

Are You Real People?

Yep! BiG Calmer Founders, Paula and Craig Trafford are professionally well-qualified and extensively experienced in their individual wellbeing modalities. Also, we vet any guest teachers to ensure you always benefit from the highest ethical good practice and standards. We are NOT bots. We are NOT an app. Nor are we straight out of college with a generic degree and no real life experience. We have been practicing multi-disciplined therapists for a combined 70+ years and are each fully registered members of our respective professional organisations. You're in good hands. 


Whoever you are and whatever level of inner peace you're seeking, start here with your BiG Calmer.

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