Like You, We Got Very, Very Busy!

BiG Calmer Founders, Paula & Craig Trafford, here. We had 3 high-energy kids [now grown.] We were also working AND running part-time affiliate businesses AND our own private therapy practices.

We were helping people Get Calm, Relaxed and Revitalised so they could transform their work, parenting, business, even sex lives into 'better than before.' We were committed, enthusiastic multi-therapy, creativity and Personal Growth coaches helping people recover from having been very, very busy and losing their physical, mental and emotional mojos in so many life areas. 

Then it just got too much. At one point there were lots of people throwing lots of money at us but we just couldn't handle the workload any longer. Something had to change.

Our Mission is simply to Relax Every-Body.

Modern life literally addicts us to constant states of DOING at the expense of BEING.

BEING is the space where humans restore, renew and revitalise.

DOING is the space where humans create, co-operate, and commune.

There's a saying: "Ideally you should meditate for 20 minutes each day. If you can't find those 20 minutes then you need to meditate for an hour each day." We get it! It's 'hard' to find the time. Then again, your body will always tell you the truth and we kept meeting people whose bodies were making them stop completely because they hadn't listened to the 'SLOW DOWN,' cues. 

It's a big problem.

You need to get things done and you need to do things so you can magic up some downtime to recover from getting so many things done. Hamster Wheel Living is NOT fun for anyone. Nor does it help the planet. Another problem is that people who aren't used to switching down or meditating get restless and bored quickly and give up. Sometimes the techniques are just too damn hard. Really, who actually CAN clear their own mind? 

We are BiG Calmer and we deliver a Whole New Way of Wellbeing.

We came up with the idea of Instant Calmers that grow, in your own timeframe, into your personal BiG Calmer.

That's what has worked for us. As you can see from our story, we were very, very busy but we were coaching people to access and develop their own ways of wellbeing. So we had to find more ways of maintaining our own wellness under pressure, and in all kinds of challenging life circumstances. These techniques had to go deep into the physiology too, to effect lasting, life-supporting transformations. 

"Calm is a Superpower," Brené Brown

Calm has a real magic about it. Calm is a gateway. It enables you to switch down DOING and access the peace that passes all understanding. Through calm you return to yourself and become whole, finally presenting your authentic self to the world each day. 

We've spent decades developing calmly revitalising techniques, programs and content.

Some worked, but briefly, so we dumped them. Others took a looooong time - we both have decades-long, proven calming mindfulness practices that stand the test of time, and that we both teach too. Other techniques, such as Pilates and Kinesiology exercises, are adaptable so we've kept them and tweaked them to suit the life progressions of our clients and members.

Why Get Calmer and Relax Deeper?

When you get to the still pool of calm in the core of yourself, a wonderful thing begins to happen. You let go of your 'holdings, constrictions and limitations'  (the behaviours that keep you overloaded, tense, closed-off and unhappy. After letting go your pain is no longer your driving force. You become free to be, do, have and live the life you dearly want to live. It's a natural process. You don't need to add anything to yourself - you are already enough, you just don't yet know it.

People generally come to us if they are stuck in some areas of life. Maybe they're suffering low energy, physical aches and pains, anxiety, regular low moods, overthinking, overwhelm, burnout. Others seek deep relaxation and inner peace, and still others are looking to improve their mental-emotional wellbeing so they can live a thriving life.

We start with the premise that any degree of calming relaxation will allow your body-mind to release stress, revitalise and develop longer term resilience. Each small step helps you (in the words of Jose Silva) to "feel better than before, better and better and better," whilst fully accepting yourself and your feelings right now.

We are Feeling and Feelings Facilitators. 

  • Ways that we deliver...
  • Mindfulness Movement Meditation
  • Opening, Expanding, Transforming Feeling & Sensation
  • Autogenic Training
  • Mindful Functional Pilates
  • Deep Relaxations
  • Kinesiology Self-Muscle Testing
  • Tapping - Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Stress Therapy- Stress Coaching
  • Energy Medicine Pilates
  • More...
Craig Trafford

Qualified Energy Healing Teacher-Practitioner      (EFTi - EKT - Dip. Stress Coaching.) Established 1982

Kinesiology Consultant                                                          EFT - Tapping: Emotional Freedom Techniques Advanced Practitioner                                                 Stress Transformation Coach.                               Teacher Trainer                                                                    Ex-Stage Performer                                                             40+ years experience.                                               Content Creator

Extensively experienced in Mainstream, Special, Holistic and Community Education, Personal Development and Professional Trainer for Education, Social and Health Care Sectors since 1993; Energy Therapy Practitioner since 1982.. Co-Author of the OCN Accredited Training programme – 'Applying Creativity in Social & Health Care,' owned a successful Music and Childhood Development Business for 18 years.

Loves Transformational practices, writing, fun, festivals & dancing.

Paula Trafford

Qualified Energy Healing Teacher-Practitioner       (ITEC IFA CHtA CYQ3 NVQ3). Established 1997

Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga, Mindfulness & Movement Meditation Presenter,                                                 Mindful Functional Pilates  Teacher                Aromatherapist                                                             Colour Image Consultant.                                    33+years experience.                                                Content Creator

Qualified in: Pilates, Fitness Pilates, Band & Ball Pilates, Personal Trainer, Anatomy, Physiology & Fitness Knowledge, Client Lifestyle & Fitness Assessment, Nutrition & Weight Management, Aerobics Instruction, Body Pump, UK Hooping Instructor,  Coaching Disabled Performers, Complementary Therapies; Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Therapy, Holistic massage, Indian Head massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Swedish Massage, Touch for Health – Kinesiology.

Loves embodiment practices, fun, festivals and dancing. 

Certifications/Professional Accreditations

Love to meet you

We are Paula & Craig - The Calmers

For decades we've been helping people to let go of their over-stress, overwhelm, low energy, misalignment, anxieties, aches, pains, fears, phobias and whatever holds them back from living a meaningful, thriving, fulfilling life.

  • Our Video Classes guide you through Fully Feeling to inevitable Healing: Experience the transformational power of feeling. Feelings that stimulate, expand, transform and balance your energy, leading to a whole new way of wellbeing.
  • Learn the real life value of integrating Revitalising Calm and Resilience into all areas of your life: One of the greatest values we offer is the ability to integrate our deep relaxation, calming and transformational techniques into your life at a time, pace and level that is exactly right for you. Want to add an Instant Calmer to your busy life today? You can - easy. Want to go much deeper and help yourself heal from acute to chronic states? You can. Our range of proven ancient and modern practices and programs offer you the ability to add and build as you go and as you find the time or the inspiration hits you.  
  • Mindset Shifts for More Life: Come to your practice with an open mind and a willingness to learn and explore your body's capabilities. There is no competition, not even with yourself. Learn to listen to your body and release the transformational magic within.

“You cannot always control what happens outside. But you can always affect what happens inside.”

The Classes are releasing energy blocks for me in a way that means I am doing more with my life now that I have much more physical energy and the enthusiasm to do it. And I am feeling more joy in my life, noticing the wonder around me. The classes have awoken me from my inertia, such a fabulous gift. Thank you!

SS, Malvern, England, UK

I was immediately impressed by both Paula as a teacher, as well as the combined mindful and physical rewards of Kum Nye [Opening the Fullness of Feeling and Mindful Movement Meditations] as a practice, experiencing a wonderful feeling in both mind and body during and after every class.

JM, Malvern, England, UK

Craig was actually inspirational. I will do a lot of the activities and share with other staff. Interested in the ideas about Energy Flow..."

TM, Brighton, England, UK

Many thanks, Paula, for another wonderful class today. I'm so happy to be doing this and really feeling the difference - in my body and my thinking and feelings.

Sal, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

We deliberately chose Craig to have the final slot and his brief was “to send them away buzzing” because having worked alongside Craig many times before, we knew he would rise to this challenge by sharing his cauldron of ideas and the theory behind our actions in such a captivating and accessible way that you couldn’t fail to buzz along with him.  We feel his knowledge is deep and when he shares this knowledge it is always backed up with a personal experience which the listener can relate to.

GD, Learning & Teaching Advisor, Babcock Prime, England, UK

"I recommend Craig as a highly creative and conscientious teacher with whom it has been a pleasure to collaborate..."

RS, Director, Music Pool, Hereford, England, UK

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